Czech block

Our school is an open multicultural environment and we are pleased that we can provide education for pupils of Czech nationality. We are aware of Czech cultural values and good traditions of local schools, so our Czech students also offer a comprehensive system of education Czech program which includes teaching the Czech language and other subjects (natural science, homeland, history, geography) according to the Framework educational program for basic education approved by the Ministry of Education.

Compulsory school attendance

Czech program is part of the compulsory school attendance, according to Act 561/2004 Coll., § 38 – compulsory schooling abroad or in a foreign school in the Czech Republic.

If the student attends Czech program in its entirety and folds comparative tests on our partner primary school, completes compulsory nine-year schooling to obtain basic education.

After graduation in the lower grades of secondary school MIS continues smoothly Czech program to prepare for the state graduation exam. There, students can compose simultaneously graduation exams in their study of grammar school.

Partner Schools

The area of basic education provided by our partner school, elementary school Burešova, in grammar school education cooperate with Trojan gymnasium.