School’s aims

School’s Mission

At Meridian International School we aim to provide a wholesome, quality education, that aims to thoroughly prepare our students for the key hurdles and stages of life. From leaving school, to enrolling at university, before embarking on gainful employment and a successful working career, we are committed to preparing our students for all of life’s challenges.

We aspire to teach our students in a multicultural and international environment, one that will educate them about different cultures, lifestyles, as well as inform about all the unique customs from around the world. In keeping with this model of celebrating diversity, our educational philosophy aims to foster creative thinking, tolerance, and respect for a mosaic of both individual and collective traditions.

We strive to create a curriculum that will not only provide our students with a broad range of knowledge in all essential core subjects, but will also create open-minded and ambitious citizens of the world.

Our scheme of work not only encourages determination and how to face challenges, it also teaches our students how to approach problems with a rational and critical mind-set, to ensure that they become the independent leaders of tomorrow.

Our teachers always succeed in creating welcoming lessons that are both exciting and insightful, whilst never forgetting to encourage students to try their best with each critical task that they are faced with.

At our school we promote fairness, equality of opportunity, cultural and religious tolerance, as well as the virtues of respect, empathy, responsibility, teamwork, and honesty.

We provide an education which fosters interest in the surrounding world, striving to ensure and utilise an understanding of current global events, whilst also nurturing an environmental consciousness.

Part of our responsibility is to raise assertive and resilient world citizens that are confident, dedicated, and able to take on progressive occupations in a competitive global job market.

At Meridian, we work hard to ensure that not only our students, but also our teachers, all staff-members, parents, and community friends, are all engaged in our school events, festivals, and traditions. We wish for everyone associated with our school to form a united and collective whole, so that we can move forward and achieve our goals together.

Meridian International School is proud to have such an ambitious goal. Our academic and administrative team ultimately wishes for our students to learn within an atmosphere that does not feel like a rigid, educational environment, yet rather encourages a friendly space where learning can be fun, enjoyable, as well as interesting, and where everyone is part of our diverse community.