In ensuring food we respect adherence to the principles of healthy eating and the individual needs of children.

Lunch includes soup and main menu, kids can choose from two main menu. Menu includes mostly vegetables, beans, choice of two meats or fish, rice or potatoes. In kindergarten, children have secured morning and afternoon snack. Snacks include yogurt, fresh fruit and vegetables according to seasonal offer, cereal, cake, various kinds of spreads or sandwiches. Every meal is served in still water, in kindergarten and fruit and herbal tea.

Children can also bring their own food that can be cooked in the dining room, in kindergarten provides hot meals adult. Lunch provides elementary school Burešova and catering company.

Logout lunches

If you need to cancel the lunch, please advise by telephone, e-mail, or in person at the Secretariat Lucie Klimentová.

Checking out the lunch is always possible in the morning until 8.30