Catering at our school

At Meridian we are aware of the importance of good quality nutrition & we try to respect principles of healthy eating as well as individual needs.

Our lunches are provided by a Czech catering company called: Fresh&Tasty. You can visit their website to learn more about their principles:

Moreover, on the webpage of the catering company you can find Meridian International School on their official list of schools they cooperate with. Besides schools, Fresh&Tasty provides food for other institutions, including one of the biggest Czech television channels- TV NOVA.

Fresh&Tasty provides food that is fresh, authentic, balanced and safe in all certifications and standards.

Lunches at Meridian include a soup and a main course. Vegetarian students and staff have an option of a meatless lunch. If you wish to opt for the vegetarian option, please register it at the secretariat, as only a preordered amount of the meatless portions are available every day- based on the registered number.

Our meals include vegetables, legumes, quality meat, fresh fish, sauces and side dishes such as potatoes, rice, bulgur, couscous and others. Some days we have sweet main courses too. Lunches provided by Fresh&Tasty are diverse and inspired by both Czech and international cuisines.

Moreover, our smallest children in the Kindergarten and Preschool are provided with other extra meals- breakfast in the morning and snack in the afternoon. These meals are prepared fresh at the kindergarten every day and they include a big variety of products- pastries, yogurts, yogurt drinks, musli, cereals, spreads, snack-bars, sandwiches and seasonal vegetables and fruits. The Breakfast & Snack menu is prepared every week by the Kindergarten&Preschool coordinator.

Important note: please inform our staff about all your food allergies so we make sure to take them into account.

All our meals are served with still water. Kindergarten and Preschool students also have the option of fruit and herbal tea.

Lunch cancelling

In case you need to cancel you lunch, please use the special ‘button’ in the Edupage application. In case you aren’t sure how to complete the procedure, please contact our secretariat for a detailed explanation.