Activities and club

Teachers and parents recognize that:

-All that is worth knowing cannot be taught or learned in the classroom environment;

-Co-curricular school activities can provide appropriate challenges and avenues to achievement and help establish a balance between educating for academic growth andeducating for transition to self-hood. MIS endeavors to provide a program of student activities designed to develop self-directed, responsible social interaction in an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation, and to provide the opportunity for each student to develop interests, skills and attitudes which contribute to the worthwhile use of leisure time.

There are several after-school activities for students in the Primary and Secondary School. Some of these extra curricular activities are;

Beginner’s English Club

The aim of the club is to improve the students’ English level. Some games and activities proper to Basic English are parts of the club. Sometimes handouts, worksheets and small quizzes are used to help. In detail, to improve reading skills, sequencing the story, making up a story, rewriting a story, reading comprehension, intensive and extensive reading, reading for pleasure; to improve writing skills, writing about definite subjects; to improve listening skills, listening to a song, listening to a story, listening to some conversations on the cassette player, listening to short dialogues; to improve speaking skills, describing proverbs and idioms, word games, puzzles, crosswords and word searches are some examples of the activiti

Advanced English Club

The club is for the students who come with a certain maturity and skills-proficiency level. The focus is on whole language experience of English coupled with exercises to sharpen specific linguistic skills. The plan of the club is to alternate free-choice, individual speed reading with responses, and assigned group experiences for shorter pieces targeting and working through upper-level analytical and expressive skills.

Advanced Mathematics Club

Mathematics curriculum in High School gives general knowledge. For students who want to solve A level challenging problems Advanced Mathematics club is a perfect choice. Worksheets with challenging problems are given to the students and answers are shown.

Physics Club

The basics of some events in nature and how famous scientists invented the basics of physics are among the subjects of Physics club. How 3D pictures, roller coaster, electro-magnet work, how serial and parallel circuits were built, intermolecular forces, interaction of mercury and water molecules in a glass tube, difference between mass and weight, mass and force of friction, applications of mass on inclined plane, action and reaction forces are the parts of the physics club.

Art Club

At the beginning of the club, the students focus on basic artistic concepts and techniques such as composition, perspective, distance and shading. These initial basic building blocks enable the students to gain confidence in exploring art and to attempt simple still life compositions. Students start by using pencil and paper. After enough improvement, drawings switch from basic drawing techniques to basic linear drawing, from paper to canvas, and from pencil to paint. During this period, students are thought basic brush techniques and use of color. After that, students begin ‘project assignments’. Using the techniques developed previously, the students learn how to apply these to landscape pictures providing practice in drawing-together concepts such as perspective, composition, measurement and detail.

Biology Club

The objective of this club is to make the students biologically literate, familiar with biology. Students have different experiments and activities such as learning how to use microscope and examining some microscope slides, making yoghurt, learning terms and parts of some animals, parts of a flower, familiarization and getting acquainted with laboratory and library, examining parts of human e.g. eye, heart, cells etc.

Chemistry Club

The objective of this club is to make the students familiar with chemistry laboratory, laboratory equipments, and chemicals. Students have different experiments and activities such as how to make an ammonia fountain, sodium acetate mountain, hydrogen balloons, simple volcano on table, preparation of soap, rapid burning of sugar, a perfect match, color-change demonstrations, titration, Aladdin’s lamp, the effect of acid on different metals and some other activities.

Turkish Language Club

The aim of the club is to improve students’ Turkish level. Reading dialogues, listening, comprehension exercises, practice reading and writing are the subjects of Turkish club. Some games and activities proper to Basic Turkish, some PowerPoint slides, video shows, and movies are some examples of the club activities. Preparing flash cards to improve their vocabulary, memorizing Turkish poems and Turkish songs, playing word games, puzzles, crosswords and word searches are some examples of the activities.

Football Club

Boys participate in this club. The club is for the students who have prior soccer experience and skills. Meridian International School Soccer Team consists of the students who attend to the soccer club. Soccer club members are training on club meeting time and after school if needed. Students who attend to soccer club play for some pre-arranged interschool matches.