1.Social Media Workshop Reminder
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2.Talented Dancer
Dear all, Meridian team is very proud to inform you that our student- Pragati Kulkarni took part in The International Children’s and youth championship, managed to win the “Grand Solo Prague” and was awarded by the Czech Ministry of Culture.
More information about the event:
“A colorful euphoria of music and dance from different corners of the world. It was an exemplary display of arts and culture from across the Globe.The International Children’s and youth championship took place under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the Senate of the Czech Republic, the Alvaro Gomez Music Foundation and Jan Deyle Conservatory.”
As the event was highly competitive, we are extremely happy that Pragati was this successful and not only presented her talents, but at the same time represented our school.
Congratulations, Pragati, once again!
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3.Open Day Invitation

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4.New Year’s Party Invitation

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5.Winter Break Dates

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