International Examinations

mezinarodni-zkouskyMeridian International School in Prague is partner center for IGCSE.

 What is IGCSE?

Cambridge IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) is the most popular international curriculum for students aged 14 to 16 years ended with world-renowned IGCSE. IGCSE exam consists twice a year (May / June and October / November). The results are published in August and January.

Characteristics of the training program IGCSE

IGCSE education program emphasizes openness and respect not only between teachers and students but also between students. Students acquire and expand their knowledge and core competencies in a wide range of subjects in order to succeed in exams. The aim of this educational program is to teach students to newly acquired knowledge and skills could be used practically in their lives. Therefore IGCSE focus maximum attention on teamwork and the ability of their students to work with people of different views and find compromise.

For new students who enter the program IGCSE is an extremely important factor in an individual approach. Thanks to him, the students lose their shyness, their verbal skills are rapidly improving. The promotion of communication skills to better formulate ideas and their effective presentation to the public, students help frequent discussions in which they have the opportunity to develop and consolidate their personal opinions. They also learn to listen to others and to seek guidance for himself from the opinions of others. This method of teaching encourages students to a healthy self-esteem, tolerance and respect.

IGCSE teacher training

IGCSE education program to help develop and improve schools worldwide. The program goes through regular revision is updated and expanded according to the latest educational trends. Cambridge IGCSE teachers can draw on excellent resources, both from books and from a wide range of online support. Regular training and counseling professionals provide teachers with ongoing professional growth IGCSE.

For more information, visit the official website of Cambridge IGCSE.