Secondary school

The middle school section is for students ages 11-15. Currently, students from 7 different countries study at the middle school level. Children from all national, cultural and religious backgrounds create a rich and affirmative school environment where they accept and learn from each other’s differences. The language of instruction is English but knowledge of the English language is not a prerequisite for admission. There is a preparatory intensive language course for children with poor English. Along with English, students also study another foreign languages beginning in 7th grade. For Czech students, there are compulsory Czech language and history lessons until 9th grade is completed. The academic mission of the middle school section is to prepare its students rigorously in all subject fields for higher education. However, emphasis is placed on math, science and technology education. A solid foundation in these subjects will be extremely helpful for our students to be successful in the technologically advanced world awaiting them. Modern physics, chemistry, biology and computer laboratories are available for students so that they may learn through conducting scientific experiments. After usual class hours finish, students may participate in extracurricular activities to develop particular skills. The learning experience is enhanced through annual school trips. Foreign countries are preferred destinations for these trips because they increase the international exposure for the students.

The study at the high school is spread over three school years (10th, 11th and 12th grade). The language of instruction is English, but a thorough knowledge of the English language is not a prerequisite for admission. Students who come to the high school with poor English skills may prepare through an intensive language course.

Key stage 3,4