We believe that hobbies are a way of raising interests in children that can last them throughout their lives. Children can therefore choose from countless activities that will entertain them and at the same time they will learn something useful. Whether they choose floorball, programming or a dramatic club, our teachers and external trainers will be at hand.


Our students can choose which sport they want to express themselves in. They have a choice of swimming, tennis, athletics, volleyball or football.


During our sciences, no one can say that science is boring. Students learn in an entertaining way within the Brain-o-Brain Club, Robotics Club or in a scientific experimental circle.


We support the love of art and creativity through our school band and school choir or drama club. Students with physical mobility can also have fun during the dance group.


In addition to the languages that are part of the curriculum, we also offer leisure courses. We focus on English and Czech for foreigners.

Support in the studio

For the second year, students can participate in the Student Council through which students themselves can influence the development of the school. For the last two years (year 12 and year 13), we have introduced career and university counseling.