Contact us

You have several options to do this. You can write or call us and we will give you basic information. Or just fill in Admissions & Visit Enquiry and we will get back to you with an appointment.


Personal meeting

If you are in the Czech Republic, we will meet in person so that you and your child can see the school. We will then give you important documents and discuss the topics of interest to you.

If you are still abroad, documents and discussions can be sent via email. If you are interested, we can pre-register a place for your child until you arrive in the Czech Republic and it will be possible to arrange a personal meeting at school.


Entrance interview

After a face-to-face meeting, we will arrange a trial day with the parents of young children entering the Early Years. Children join the others and try one day in the school team.
For older children, corresponding to the years from year 2 to year 13, the day of the interview and the entrance test will be determined. Alternatively, we can arrange a trial day for them.


Submission of registration documents

Once you have submitted the registration documents, we will prepare a registration agreement for you. We will then send you the first invoices electronically.


Student enrollment in school

After the payment, the registration is completed and nothing prevents your child from getting on board.