• Early years
  • Primary school
  • Secondary and
    High school

Our school is an open multicultural environment and we are happy to provide education to pupils of Czech nationality. We are aware of Czech cultural values ​​and good tradition of local education. Therefore, we provide our Czech students with a comprehensive educational system Czech Program, which includes teaching Czech language and other subjects (primary school, geography, history, geography) according to the Framework Educational Program for Basic Education approved by the Ministry of Education.

The Czech program at MIS concerns all children with Czech citizenship of all ages; from kindergarten to high school. Our kindergarten offers teaching in both English and Czech. Pupils of the Lower and Upper Grade are taught in our country and we are committing to our partner school at Burešova elementary school. We also cooperate with the Troja Grammar School, which is an accredited school for passing the Czech school-leaving examination. Students of grammar school and graduation exams are undergoing tamprezkušování.

The Czech MIS program respects the individual educational needs of its pupils – it is possible to create individual plans of support measures. If necessary, tutoring can be arranged with Czech language teachers. For international students we also offer afternoon Czech language courses.