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High School Your Stepping Stone

About High School

The study at the high school is divided into four years up to the year 10 to year 13. The students studying here are from 14 to 17 years old.

The language of instruction is English. Students who attend high school with insufficient knowledge of English undergo an intensive preparatory language course.

At the end of their studies at the high school, students terminate their work in the MIS with the international IGCSE exam. As part of the Czech program, Czech students continue their intensive one-year study at our partner high school Trojská, where they prepare for the state maturita examination in a Czech-speaking environment.

Head of High School


Welcoming Message

"This is now my eighth year at Meridian International School. Moving forward, I am looking forward to contributing to the positive work of our teachers and leadership team, to further help Meridian continue its development of a successful, caring, learning environment for our students."

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Richard Jackson

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“ like Meridian because when I came from Indonesia I felt kinda alone but I found a lot of friends and the teachers were really nice and helpful in teaching me new things. The school extended my skill and it really gave me a good future that I will be able to study abroad, and I really value this experience since it has been the best three years of my life.”

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“ At Meridian Irealy appreciate the teacher. They are very kind and conscience and so they help us with everything we want, for example some homework or school work if we don't understand, we can ask them and they are just there for us. And also I like other students, many of them became my friends. Out of school everyone is very kind, there is no discrimination and they will help you with anything you want.”

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“I think that MIS is preparing kids for life very well. They are taught here to respect each other and other cultures and also to keep our own traditions. Also the curriculum is really well done. My daughter has gained a lot of knowledge what she would not get at other schools.”

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“Today a proper education is a basic necessity. At the same time the prime focus is on building great citizens of tomorrow. Meridian has an inclusive culture which fosters compassion and instills responsibility in the growing process of the children. Thanks to the director, the management, the staff and all of the meridian family which has well established governance system, that supports the wholesome development.”

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“ One of the things I really like about Meridian is the educational system that we have here. It's very different to what I was taught before but I really like the flow of it. Further I really like the teachers, they have a good sense of what is important for the students. And I definitely love the students here - as s head girl it's my jobs to look out for them and I just love the way people treat each other here.”

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