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About Primary school

Our primary school is the same as the first stage of a regular Czech elementary school, ie it consists of 5 years. In the British curriculum these five years are called year 2 to year 6. At primary school students are from 6 to 10 years old.

The course is taught in English and our language and subject teachers will help beginners to master everything.

The Czech program is a part of the education for Czech children, which is a condition of compulsory school attendance. Throughout their studies, our children have the opportunity to pass comparative examinations at our partner elementary school Burešova.

The primary school is taught in the main subjects by a class teacher with a professional qualification for the first stage. Educational subjects (art, physical and music education) are taught by professional instructors.

Head of school welcome

I began at Meridian in 2013 and I am proud to see how much we have grown in this time. It has always been my goal to work with Meridian students, parents, and teachers to foster a sense of community. I believe creativity, kindness, and an appreciation for our unique and diverse population are as crucial to our success as our rigorous academic programme; Arianne Elbaum-Rejsek


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School News


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Success at Infomatrix 2017

Students from Meridian International School, accompanied by Mr. Daniel and Mr. Necmettin, achieved an impressive result at the recent Infomatrix 2017 competition in Bucharest.


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Pangea International Math Competition

This year, more than 45000 students registered to Pangea. 326 of them passed the first round and came to final to National Museum in Prague. (more…)

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French cafe, Rendez-vous

Ms. Aurelie took my French students from grade 5 to an authentic French cafe, Rendez-vous, here in Prague as part of a project. (more…)

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A visit to Útulek v Troji

Meridian 5th Graders visited Útulek v Troji which is a shelter for dogs and some other animals. (more…)

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AMAVET RoboRAVE competition

On Friday 17th March, selected Grade 7 students attended the AMAVET RoboRAVE competition in Pardubice. (more…)

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Field Trip to HILASE

Our 5th graders went to HiLASE, the Institute of Physics in Prague. Our children learnt what a laser beam is and they learnt about their applications in the real world. (more…)

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Let’s Make Chemistry Christmas Tree

Grade 10 students make Chemistry Christmas tree to decorate the lab. Each student prepare a solution which has a different colour. (more…)

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Visit to the University of Chemistry and Technology

On November, 25, students from 11th and 12th grade attended the Open Day of the University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague. (more…)

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Paris Trip

At the end of October students from 8th – 11th grade had the opportunity to participate in a cultural trip to Paris, France. (more…)

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COBIS Art Competition

Rita KYJOVSKÁ from Grade 8 wins silver medal in art competition from COBIS. Congratulations Rita.

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New High School Building

Head of Prague 8, Mr. Roman Petrus, honored us by joining opening ceremony of our new high school building.


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Green Day in 3A

The third grade students celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day, being healthy, and that Spring is almost upon us by having a “Green Party” on March 18th. (more…)

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Orphanage Klokánek in Praha 8

6th Graders had a new experience this year.. They visited an orphanage, Klokánek in Praha 8. (more…)

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Retirement Home Ďáblice

In the short movie club, Grade 6 students shot a movie about elderly people and named it “Respect Your Elders”. (more…)

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What people say?

My favorite thing about the MIS is that the teachers are all really patient with my daughter. She frequently comes home and is really excited about her day.

My son wakes up every day with a smile - that is the best thing for me. The school has such a good social environment, great teachers and other students. He meets new friends every year and for me as Israeli it is very important for him to accept other children and cultures as they are, as friends.

What we like about the school is that we can feel that our son is interested even when he is not at school. We visited a museum in Venice some time ago and he was running around excited because he could see some of the artist he learned about at school and he was telling us about Warhol or Picasso.

The teachers are really fun and we play fun activities during not only math classes.

I really like Meridian to be a British school because I really like learning English as it is a very useful language. And many of my czech friends ask me for help with their english homework. I also really like Meridian because there is more than 50 different nationalities so it's really cool that I have friends that are from so many different countries.

I really like the teachers, they are very kind and thanks to them I really like science and math. The students, they are always there for me, we are all friends.

Our campus

Our campus is divided into two building which are about 200 metres from each other. Smaller children are together and bigger students together.