AMAVET RoboRAVE competition

On Friday 17th March, selected Grade 7 students attended the AMAVET RoboRAVE competition in Pardubice.

The event was very well attended, with a wide variety of events, from detailed problem-solving to robot battles. Our students entered the line-following challenge, where a payload had to be carried and delivered into a container at the end of the course. The objectives were to track the line and deliver as many ping pong balls into the container as possible. We were clear winners in the category, with the Lego line follower produced by Tadeus. This was the only one to complete three full laps of the course. He received a BBC Micro:Bit computer. Our second team achieved a very respectable fourth position. Congratulations to Teddy, Pratham and Vojta on your achievements!

20170317_144433           20170317_144430