How we approach education

Our school’s philosophy perfectly captures the meridian. Each one travels across the planet and connects the world together to meet different cultures and ideas. And that is our greatest desire – specifically to combine the best of British and Czech culture, the best virtues and qualities. So to meet the passion for education.

In Meridian we offer education that develops interest in the outside world. At the same time, we strive to give children a better understanding of what is happening on our planet and to work with it in the future. And, of course, we do not neglect the building of environmental awareness, which is absolutely necessary.

We keep high standards

In our school, we teach in accordance with the National Curriculum of England, which is key to us in maintaining high pedagogical standards. They help us to enrich our students’ knowledge and encourage them to pursue their lives in life, to fulfill their goals while sharing their knowledge with others. We also make sure that students learn in a multicultural and international environment. This is how they can get to know different cultures, different lifestyles and unique customs from around the world.

We develop students' personality

We are also proud of our ambitious program, which not only provokes enthusiasm for students to study and overcome obstacles, but also teaches them how to approach problems rationally and critically. All this to ensure that they succeed in life as successful personalities, as leaders of tomorrow. That is why we also support values ​​such as fairness and equal opportunities, cultural and religious tolerance, as well as virtues as respect, empathy, teamwork. And of course honesty.

We support and motivate children

At Meridian, we are working hard to ensure that not only students but also teachers, including our other staff and the entire community around the school, get involved in events, celebrations and our traditions. In addition, our teachers are very successful in creating a warm atmosphere, which enables them to engage and engage the students. But they never neglect the need to encourage students to do their best to deal with every task they face.

To put it simply, we strive to educate resolute and resilient citizens of the world who are self-confident, committed and able to stand up both in life and in the labor market in a constantly changing world.