We teach according to the British curriculum

Our teaching is based on the National Curriculum of England, which is a key commitment for us to ensure high educational standards for your children. Teaching is exclusively in English except for second and third language.

Educational stages

We are an international team

A total of 450 children from 64 different nationalities attend our school, making us the most diverse school in the Czech Republic. 65% of our students are foreigners from all over the world, such as the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Iraq, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Poland, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, India China, Vietnam, Korea and others. This diversity teaches children tolerance to otherness. Children can naturally meet new cultures and learn from others.


We teach students in small classes

In order for each child to develop to the best of their abilities, it is necessary to take care of them individually. Therefore, we maintain a small ratio of pupils to teachers at all levels. The maximum number of students in reception is 12 children in the group, in year 1 it is 16 children in the group and from year 2 to year 13 it is 18 children in the group.


We offer students internationally recognized exams

We offer our students internationaly accepted exams accredited by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and a Council of British International Schools (COBIS) centre.

International examinations

Dáváme studentům na výběr z mnoha volnočasových aktivit

Sport to health. Painting to a playful mind. And robotics towards the near future. Hobbies are essential for the child’s development. They have something that will entertain the child so much that they will stay there until the end of their studies or longer.

Activities and clubs

We offer Czech students Czech program

The Czech program enables Czech students to stay in touch with the Czech language in their English-speaking environment during their studies. The lessons are led by native speakers and in addition to the Czech language, geography and history are taught. We cooperate with primary school Burešova, where students can take one year comparative examinations and get a diploma in Czech language. For the possibility of passing the Czech state maturita exam we cooperate with the Troja High School.


Our graduates are successful in admissions to universities

Our graduates continue their studies at foreign universities (21%) or here in the Czech Republic, eg at the University of Anglo-American, Metropolitan University in Prague, University of New York in Prague and Czech University of Life Sciences Prague. Currently, most of our graduates focus on economics and international relations.