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Achieving High Standards Family Atmosphere A Great Place To Learn Your Stepping Stone Meridian International School Achieving High Standards Family Atmosphere A Great Place To Learn Your Stepping Stone Meridian International School

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Welcome to Meridian International School

At our international school, instruction is conducted in English and aligns with the standards of the National Curriculum of England, underscoring our primary commitment to upholding elevated pedagogical standards.

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We cordially invite you to visit our school at your convenience.
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Educational Gains 🧠

We enhance lives through the joy of play

Nurturing the next generation

Master the art of speaking with confidence

Young minds flourishing in the school environment

Achieving excellence in the early stages of childhood

Meridian International School provides Maturita program


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Meridian international school provides maturita program

What do people say about us?

“I really like the teachers, they are very kind and thanks to them I really like science and math. The students, they are always there for me, we are all friends.”

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“I like to learn new things and we play a lot with our friends. I like doing math. I don't find math to be difficult.”

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“One of the things I really like about Meridian is the educational system that we have here. It’s very different to what I was taught before but I really like the flow of it. Further, I really like the teachers. They have a good sense of what is important for the students. And I definitely love all my classmates here - as Head Girl it’s my job to look out for them and just love the way people treat each other here. It’s a friendly, personal environment.”

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“MIS is one of the best schools in Prague. Our son is very happy at school and he wants to go back at the end of every day, which is really important.”

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“What we like about the school is that our son’s interests are natured and he applies classroom learning to family experiences such as holidays. We visited a museum in Venice some time ago and he was running around excited because he could see some of the artists he learned about in school. He was telling us about Warhol and Picasso all day.”

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Meridian International School Cambridge Exam Center

Educational Facilities

Our school is accredited by ČŠI, SIS, BSO, and other recognized organizations.

Students can extend their time at our school to enjoy additional fun activities.

Our aspirations are elevated, empowering your children to reach even greater heights.

Our school provides convenient school bus transportation for students' safe and efficient commute.

At MIS, we recognize the significance of ensuring high-quality nutrition.



At Meridian, students will never experience boredom as we offer a plethora of engaging activities and events.

Our school campuses are situated in the serene residential district of Prague 8, Kobylisy, amidst lush green surroundings. The Kindergarten campus is a mere 7-minute walk from Ládví metro station. Accessing the Primary section is convenient via tram or bus from Ládví metro station, followed by a short walk. For the Secondary & High School campus, it’s a 10-minute walk from Kobylisy metro station or a quick bus ride of two stops.