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School Premises & Transportation: 

Nestled in the serene residential enclave of Kobylisy, Prague 8, our school sprawls across three strategically located buildings. Two of these structures, positioned a mere 200 meters apart, are seamlessly connected by a delightful stroll through the park. The third building graces the Kobylisy area, collectively creating a harmonious campus.

Immersed in tranquility, the surrounding neighborhood offers a safe haven for our students. Whether arriving by car or utilizing public transport, our location is easily accessible, with convenient options such as buses, trams, or the efficient metro Line C ensuring seamless connectivity to and from our campus. Experience the perfect blend of accessibility and serenity in the heart of Prague at our distinguished school.


In our educational setup, each section has its own building with a playground, fostering a unique learning environment. Equipped with SMART boards and quality student desks, our classrooms engage students in interactive learning. We also offer specialized facilities like Science Labs, Art and Music classrooms, and ICT labs to ensure a well-rounded education.

Physical Activities: 

For physical exercise and PE lessons, each building features a spacious gym, while our youngest students can enjoy outdoor play in the garden equipped with playgrounds at the main building.


At MIS we are aware of the importance of good quality nutrition and we try to respect principles of healthy eating as well as individual needs. Our lunches are provided by a czech catering company called Fresh&Tasty. You can visit their website to learn more about their principles.

Early Years offers two school meals menus; international and vegetarian. All the students are required to join school meals that contain breakfast, lunch (soup and main course), and snack. Breakfasts and snacks served in Early Years are freshly prepared by the kitchen staff. In the primary, secondary and high school students are allowed to choose either school international lunches or they can bring their own lunches. We highly recommend providing students with snack and water bottles. They can also use vending machines with a variety of healthy snacks for a small fee.

School Bus

MIS is dedicated to ensuring the safety and convenience of your children’s daily commute. We offer a secure door-to-door transportation service, facilitating hassle-free journeys to school and back home afterward. Our reliable school bus service is operated by two minibusses, driven by English-speaking professionals who prioritize your child’s safety and comfort.

As we prioritize safety and individual attention, our transportation service has limited capacity. Therefore, we strongly recommend securing your child’s spot through early booking. The pricing structure is flexible, dependent on the distance to your home, allowing for a tailored and convenient solution for each family.

Experience the peace of mind that comes with our transportation service, knowing that your child is in good hands from doorstep to school and vice versa. For further details and to secure your child’s spot, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Your child’s journey to and from MIS will be both safe and seamless.