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Director’s Welcome

I am delighted to introduce our school, staff, and learning facilities, to all of those whom wish to learn more about the high educational standards we have to offer.


– I invite you to please explore the pages of our website, so that you may learn more about us and what we have to offer to everyone that wishes to join our friendly, happy, and growing school community.


– Located in Prague, found in the very heart of Europe, Meridian offers parents and students a modern, multicultural, as well as an enriching philosophy of learning, based on the very best British and European traditions of school-age scholarship.

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Split across two school sites, our Kindergarten, PreSchool, and Primary School, are located within Meridian’s traditional home, which has been our main building ever since the school opened in 2004. As a growing and increasingly successful institution of learning, I recently – joined by the Mayor of Prague 8 – had the honor of opening our new and modern Secondary/High School section, which moved to a new building in 2016 (a short five-minute walk away). In both locations, we offer modern learning facilities that perfectly complement the needs of our teachers and enhance the learning of our students.

A sign of success, both sections of Meridian continue to grow annually. As a pledge to both current and prospective parents, I am proud of the fact that we are attracting more and more new students with every new academic year. Most importantly: our high educational standards continuously improve and embrace the new challenges that arise from the welcomed demands of a confident, growing student population. At Meridian International School, we welcome all nationalities and faiths to join our international family. Offering an ambitious climate of learning for a global population of young people from over fifty different countries, we embrace this diversity and encourage a collective capacity for learning that fosters a will to challenge and discover new ideas/theories, whilst also respecting the importance of the individual.

We understand that students best succeed when they are joyful and confident in their learning environment. Continuously empowering our pupils to succeed, our qualified, dynamic, international, and professional teaching staff, work hard to promote a progressive community of learning through taught-lessons that are – most importantly – highly enjoyable, as well as delivered within favorable class sizes that offer the very best environment for achievement.

✔️ Our curriculum offers the best standards found in the British educational system, adhering strictly to the most important and necessary elements of the National Curriculum of England. Proudly, our curriculum also combines the core learning features of the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) syllabus for each subject of study. For whichever stage our pupils’ study with us – Key Stage 1, 2, 3, or to the highest spectrum of knowledge via the IGCSE and ALevel examinations in Key Stage 4 – I am confident that we will help each student achieve their potential.


✔️ Being a Czech Republic based school, I am also delighted that Meridian boasts a large population of students and parents that are Czech-citizens. Recognizing the importance of the Czech-language, as well as Czech history and culture, we strive to always retain and further develop our commitment to ensuring that, upon leaving Meridian for university or working life, our Czech students have the very best advantages after studying with us.


✔️ Please, if you are interested in joining our international community, our welcoming administration and teaching staff invites you to kindly contact us to arrange a visit. Whether you are living in Prague already, or if you are thinking about moving here, we will do all we can to help ensure that the important decision of your child’s education is discussed positively and professionally, as well as in a friendly, courteous manner.