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About Primary School

Our primary school is the same as the first stage of a regular Czech elementary school, ie it consists of 5 years. In the British curriculum, these five years are called year 2 to year 6. At primary school students are from 6 to 10 years old.

The course is taught in English and our language and subject teachers will help beginners to master everything.

The Czech program is a part of the education for Czech children, which is a condition of compulsory school attendance. Throughout their studies, our children have the opportunity to pass comparative examinations at our partner elementary school Burešova.

The primary school is taught in the main subjects by a class teacher with a professional qualification for the first stage. Educational subjects (art, physical, and music education) are taught by professional instructors.

Head of Primary School


Welcoming Message

"I began at Meridian in 2013 and I am proud to see how much we have grown in this time. It has always been my goal to work with Meridian students, parents, and teachers to foster a sense of community. I believe creativity, kindness, and an appreciation for our unique and diverse population are as crucial to our success as our rigorous academic programme"

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Arianne Elbaum-Rejsek

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“ My son wakes up every day with a smile - that is the best thing for me. The school has such a good social environment, great teachers and other students. He meets new friends every year and for me as Israeli it is very important for him to accept other children and cultures as they are, as friends.”

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“What we like about the school is that our son’s interests are natured and he applies classroom learning to family experiences such as holidays. We visited a museum in Venice some time ago and he was running around excited because he could see some of the artists he learned about in school. He was telling us about Warhol and Picasso all day.”

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