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Secondary School

About Secondary School

Based on the British curriculum, the secondary school is divided into three years up to the year 7 to year 9. Students from 11 to 15 year of age study here at the the secondary school.

The secondary school corresponds to the Cambridge Lower Secondary Program – an internationally recognized British curriculum. In addition to a world-class curriculum, this provides an international comparison of student achievement. It helps teachers to identify the weaknesses and strengths of students and to provide advice on how best to develop and improve academically.

Compared to lower years, year 9 students follow a more ambitious curriculum to prepare for the IGCSE tests awaiting them during year 10. These tests are recognized not only by leading universities but also by employers around the world.

Year 9 is a very important preparatory year for our students. They continue the main subjects from previous years, but art and music are omitted to give room for IGCSE tests. Natural sciences are divided into more subjects, namely biology, chemistry, and physics. In addition, students in the year 9 are required to study Global Perspectives, which aims to improve students’ written and research skills.

Head of Secondary School


Welcoming Message

"This is now my eighth year at Meridian International School. Moving forward, I am looking forward to contributing to the positive work of our teachers and leadership team, to further help Meridian continue its development of a successful, caring, learning environment for our students."

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Katerina Farr-Williams

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“I like the teachers at Meridian because they explain everything in detail and as you respect them, they will pay more respect to you and give you more opportunities.”

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“Today a proper education is a basic necessity. At the same time the prime focus is on building great citizens of tomorrow. Meridian has an inclusive culture which fosters compassion and instills responsibility in the growing process of the children. Thanks to the director, the management, the staff and all of the meridian family which has well established governance system, that supports the wholesome development.”

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“I think that MIS is preparing kids for life very well. They are taught here to respect each other and other cultures and also to keep our own traditions. Also the curriculum is really well done. My daughter has gained a lot of knowledge what she would not get at other schools.”

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