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Get Your Diploma From Distance Learning

Meridian International School is starting a new diploma program, taking into account the current situation in the distance education program.
In this program, students will receive an education worth the offline education quality in our school.

In addition, we provide a very high-quality education for disabled students who have to study from home.

Teaching Methods: How Do We Teach?

  • We use internet infrastructure developed in order not to have problems in connection with students.
  • Together with Google and Zoom, we organize video conferences with students.
  • We functionally follow the Classroom platform offered by Google for students’ homework checks.
  • In the lessons, we contact students directly and ask questions as if they were in the classroom.

In addition, we make periodic improvements and follow up-to-date developments in order to use the online platform in the most effective way.

Eligibility for Classes

  • It is suitable for students who have attended certain classes at another school and want to continue online.
  • Suitable for students who want to start over.
  • It is suitable for students who want to enroll in primary, secondary, and high school.
  • Suitable for disabled students. (You can request a discount during registration.)

What are the benefits of distance learning?

  • You can get a valid diploma in distance education.
  • Answers to questions instantly through live teacher chats.
  • You can create your own learning comfort.
  • Online high school classes are great for older citizens who didn’t have the opportunity to attend or complete high school when they were younger.

Academic Calendar of Online Courses

Dates Details Holidays
September School Starts
May School Ending


You can connect your classroom online through traditional video conferencing equipment or via a computer with a webcam, microphone, and speakers. These programs can also accommodate students who are connected from home.

Tuition and Fees

Please contact our Admission Manager by email.

Or if you want you can visit our school building.

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